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Разъем оптический OpticalCon MTP Neutrik NO12FDW-A

Код товара : 211459
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Подключение и настройка
Разъем оптический OpticalCon MTP Neutrik NO12FDW-A

Панельный, 12-канальный, IP65

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Разъем оптический OpticalCon MTP панельный, 12-канальный, IP65
The rear compatibility of opticalCON MTP® chassis fitting with standard MTP® (ELITE male) breakout cable allows easy adaptation to fiber standard connectors such as LC, SC, ST. The approved dust shutter ensures high mating cycles and minimal maintenance. The housing seal is used for color coding and IP protection.

Features & Benefits
Ruggedized and dirt-protected 12-channel fiber optic connection system
For point-to-point multichannel routing
Laser protective metal shutter seals dust proof with two-component rubber gasket
Dust and water resistant according to IP65 in mated condition
Accommodates standard MTP® ELITE male connectors on the rear for simple installation
Rubber sealing gasket (black, blue, green to identify fiber mode)