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Коаксиальный акустический кабель Tasker TSK1125

Код товара : 199841
646 Включая НДС 20%: 107,67
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  • 119331, г. Москва ул. Марии Ульяновой дом 17а, этаж 2, офис 10Адрес:
коаксиальный акустический кабель 1*2,5мм2
Coaxial shielded audio cables with same size conductor and shield, for assembly on Jack mono connectors O mm. 6,3 and XLR Male/Female.
Anti-slot cables with sheath made in special extremely soft PVC.
Cables realized for sound diffusion audio equipment, in conference rooms, offices and for Audio assemblies of racks in recording studios; for connection of professional loudspeakers, mixers during musical events, concerts, sport events and public square shows.
Adviced for connection of Speakon and other tasker® XLR and Jack Metal connectors