Кабельный разъем Speakon 8, Neutrik NLT8FX

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Изображение 1 (Кабельный разъем Speakon 8, Neutrik NLT8FX)
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Кабельный разъем Speakon 8, female, металический черненый корпус
8-pole female cable connector, black-chrome metal housing, chuck type strain relief
The new STX Series is the next generation of 8 pole speakON connectors especially designed for heavy duty amplifier-loudspeaker applications like professional tour sound. The extremely rugged and durable STX Series feature an all metal housing and metal reinforced latch lock system.

Features & Benefits
Current rating 40 Amp continuous, 50 Amp audio with 50% duty cycle
Robust and durable all metal housing
Reinforced metal quick lock system for ease and precise locking
Extra large solder contacts for up to 6mmІ (AWG10) wires
Mate with all available Speakon® products